20 January 2011

Day 10 ;

Your favourite diarists' blogs and whys

So far, these are my favourites. Yes. "So far" ;)


Oh weeeeee. This is STEFANIEEEEZ's site. My highschool senior, a great and awesome people on earth, blog nice things, and her photography skills is superbbbbb! :)
Love the mixed rojak language that she used in her blog. Too bad, she didn't update often lately :( Nevermind that, as long as she doesn't quit blogging, her blog is ahh-maa-zingg I must say ;)


 O.M.F.G doesn't stands for Oh.My.F**k.God but  One.Mad.Fab.Girl. :) Unique huh?
Aha! This is my another senior's blog. Very lovely and all the blogposts deserve a thumbs up! No matter emo or not, she expresses all her feelings well. Me likeee (:
And and anddddd her header always is AWESOME. Yay you, senior - Charissa Chan Rui Wen ;)


Too bad, I couldn't copy Celest's header here cos' whenever I click it, 
celesteeny.blogspot.com says : YOU SUCK!

Oh mannn. :O
Ha-ha. Just click her blog, and you can see her beautiful header ;) (edited by Charissa also kan?)
Heck no. She isn't my senior, but JUNIOR :P 
Just go to her blog archives and read her very FIRST post. Go read it. go read it, fasterrrrr! :P
(If you have read, nice kan nice kannn?) Ahahah. Simple, but very attractive though ;]
I like LOVE her blog <33 All the blog layout, the blog content are all cantikkkk and fab!
Oh you can say, I'm addicted to her site ;)
Teehee. No bodek-bodek here okay.
Her name is Celestine Chan Rui Ting btw. Yes, Miss Charissa's sister of course :)

Holi-yeah. Charissa just tweeted me this picture. WOHOOO! So yeah this is CELESTINE's blog header. Booyeah Celest, I can put this picture up without having a reply from your blog saying me suck! :P *jokes* Heee> The header cantik kan? :DD

PSS : The Chan-sisters seems to be HELL good in blogging. Anymore Chan family who owns a blog that you would like to recommend me to read? :)


Her blog is one coolio blog as well ;) Pictures cukup besar, cukup syok ;)
Blog content is fun to read.
Do catch up what she blog, really nice and interesting.
She is who?  *drum rolls please*
.. .. ..
SAMANTHA YONG, my high school senior ;)


This is my friend's diary. Same-age, same-school for a few years, same-skin-colour, but different race ;)
Her blogposts are a mixture of two languages, BM and Eng.
Somehow, I enjoy reading all her posts no matter in the form of rojak or perfect language :] Ohhhh BTW! She snap brilliant pictures :D :D :D
You all should check it out her flickr ;)
Her blog is interesting. I mean it like REALLLY! 

If you would give me a chance to give an award to a totally self-edited site, I would love to give this to LILEN LIM WEN MEI ;]
Click her blog, you all!
Her blog's layout is like edited by herself? :O Thumbs up, Lilen. TEN THUMBS UP FOR YOUUUU!
Blogposts contain interesting rants by herself. I love every bits she said ;)
I can feel the humour and the entertainment every time I clicked her blog. Heekheek.
Good job, Miss Lim. Keep posting! :D

;l  http://immadouchebag.blogspot.com/
This is her blog title, so yeah.
Haha ;D This junior of mine post interesting stuffs about herself, and tell you what, I like the videos that she posted at her blog.
Go.Check.It.Out ;)
I like the idea of her site, I mean, she really did create a very vintage-look-blog which I really really loveee it. It's simple, not messy at all. Unlike mine, my blog's full of shitloads of ... ... ... :S

TanZuLeen is her name. My junior, one of my close-goody-friend.
Heh. There's no such word as "goody". It's the only word that exists in my dictionary, mind you ;]
Ahhh back to the topic, zuleen's blog layout is from blogskin. Boohoo. I know that :P
Her contents are certainly very NOT boring.
So stop saying your blog is boring or anything like that, Zuleen :P You post nice stuffs!
Do click her blog, people.


ufckhtis      http://fatinzafira.blogspot.com/

Couldn't copy the image header at her blog, it took me ages to upload it here. The internet is enough slow to piss-me-off -.-
Oh anyhoo, her blog is darn interesting.
Simply lovely, the simplicity just makes her site looks awesomer! :D
I- myself fancy reading all the stuffs that she posted. Maybe you'll get fascinated as well ;)
so CLICKKK her blogggg! :D

farhana says...Life Goes On. ♥  

Ahhhh. THIS! :D
Please click her blog every so often you can! :)
She is my senior, a lovely plus sweet friend of mine, humble, cute and still HUMBLE! omg.
Her posts are all thumbs up! Weee. Super nais, super nais and still super NAIS.
Chehh. Boombastic betul :P
But still nais (nice) lah. No time kidding here.

So here's a list of my f.a.v.o.u.r.i.t.e.s ;) What's yours?

PS : I cyber stalk awesome blogs (in a good way), frankly speaking.
PSS : What I meant "in a good way" was, I read what they posted, I got some inspiration and the idea to blog as well, I mean as in the way they type it out, the way they express their feelings and all. Get me?
PSSS : Hell no, me is no copycat. Me just love reading their blogs. That's all :)
PSSSS : I love you cos' you read my blog today. Hekhek #sorandom , I KNOW! :P 

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